Thursday, October 8, 2009

Seasons are changing again, it makes me a little sad. I love summer, being tan, going to the pool, playing golf. Golf has been relegated to the weekends now. More time after work, since I was regularly playing a good 2-3 times a week after work this summer. I guess I should start going back to the gym. Seems it's been a mass exodus from my old gym to my new one! Not that I can blame them, it's a whopping $7 more a month and sooooo much nicer. More classes, racquetball courts, 3 times as many elliptical and treadmills (and they all actually WORK!) and a (get this ) POOL!!! So far I've seen quite a few people from the old gym - the tall skinny black guy with the grey hair and all his workout friends, the guy that looks like the Clark Kent version of Superman, the lesbians that play football for Ickey Woods, and that guy my friend took out with us on NYE a few years ago.

I've been making it there about once a week but you know that's really not enough. I hit it there last night, usually it's not so crowded when I make it there on the weekend and I stay in the pool and don't do much else. Well, I'm stepping it up and doing 30 min or so on a machine before swimming. I really need to get online and DL some masters workouts - I find a get a whole lot more done when I have like, actual SETS to do instead of just aimlessly swimming back and forth. And it may look like I'm showing off, but I NEED to do some speed work in order to feel like I've actually gotten something out of the workout. It is fun coasting by the rec swimmers though...

This weekend I'm going to jump on a jet plane and heading down to Chucktown (Charleston for those unfamiliar) to visit A. It might be a train wreck full of shame and regret, but I think everyone needs a day like that every once in a while. I won't be flying back though... I'll be driving. YAY! Need to find a good knitting project for that drive. I was thinking about making a orange and black cowl for my dad because I could pretty much make it without a pattern, but I'm sorely tempted to work on my Apres Surf Hoodie instead.

Too cute right? I'm making it in this great cyan color from knitpicks.

Yeah, it's really kind of bright but I like it! I really look much better in colors like this than the color the model is wearing anyway. I'm (finally) through the back section and I plan on starting the front tonight. I'm making a few mods to the pattern though, I think it would end up way too short on me to begin with, considering my loooong torso. And the sizes are between a 39-1/2 inch and a 43 in bust. Being I'm 40", I figured I would make the 39-1/2" and block it to the right size I need. And if I need it to be a bit wider than design, well, it needs to be a bit longer to compensate. So the directions will have you decrease at a rate of once ever 8 rows for the waist and increase once every 10 rows for the bust, so I decreased at every 10 and increased at every 12. I also knit an extra inch before starting the waist shaping, but I have the same amount of plain knitting at the bottom. Thankfully I think I took good notes! It was a little heartbreaking - I should have been finished with the back Saturday, but turns out about halfway through I messed up the lace pattern and had to frog! All that work *sob*. Oh well, rather have it done and look good than just have it done 3 days sooner!

Reminds me I really need to take and post some FO pictures... Maybe next time!

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