Monday, February 23, 2009

Another Date - LOL

Rule number one in dating- if you're going to google the person you're going to go out with, don't tell them. And especially don't tell them in the first five minutes of meeting them. And even more important, don't bring up some obscure paper they wrote for NASA like, 4 years ago. Ihad to google myself to figure out what it was!

Took my baby to the shop today. So sad I'm going to be without her for five days - and I have to drive this shitty Impala until then! I so want to download that song and blare it- it's awful! Hopefully I'll get her back on time as good as new!

Work is fucking biz-zee! The project I'm working on is coming to a head. Feels sometimes like I'm teaching remedial high school subjects though. Everytime I get a spreadsheet from someone I have to highlight everything they missed or got wrong, and then send it back. Once I didn't have to send it back at all. Once I had to send it back 5 times. One guy didn't put everything in the column it was supposed to go in, he left it all combined in a text stream - like I have nothing better to do than fix everyone's spreadsheet for them. Then someone had the nerve to call me a software rep! The nerve!!!

Booked my trip to Miami today. Well, I booked a trip to Miami for the wrong week, then I called Delta freaking out that I booked it on the wrong day, then rebooked it on the right day. I want to pack already! My friend claims she's going to carry on. 5 days??? Carry on??? Forget it! I can't wait!

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