Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Job hunting

Alright, I'm dedicating a post to my job hunting. I don't really talk about being unemployed because although I know it's not entirely my fault, I find it embarrassing. But since I've been out of work for 4 months, I feel that I really need just to get it all out there.

I don't miss my old job. I really don't - I hated that job and I was always bored. I felt it wasn't challenging me enough, and I felt my old boss was an asshat. I talked to an old coworker today and he said he's bored - there's no work for them. That just cements my feelings about it.

I feel the universe is punishing me. The last two times I've been laid off I've found something else almost immediately. I feel the retaliation of this now. It's been 4 months and the most I've had is a phone interview, which led to an in-person interview that was cancelled. They put the position on hold.

Recently I got a call about that position, asking if I was still available. It sounds great and all but I really don't want this job. It's a quality engineering position, which means working on a dirty shop floor with people who have low levels of education, trying to write procedures and methods that an 8 year-old couldn't mess up. It will mean overtime and driving nearly 30 minutes to work, and it will probably mean making less than I was at my last job without bonus. But I feel like if I get the job I would HAVE to take it. Well, for one thing if I turn it down I have to report that on my unemployment forms and for another thing, did I mention I've been out of work for 4 months? Um, yeah, there's that too.

I got a call about My Perfect Job the other day. Applications engineering, which is basically a sales job for a technical person. The only problem was that they already interviewed 5 people for the job but hadn't officially decided. Well, I found out today that they offered the position to someone and she accepted it. Then I was told if they had my resume earlier it might have been a game changer. The problem is, the recruiter sat on my resume for a week and a half - he didn't even bother to send it over until AFTER they had drawn together an offer. He eventually did send it over but it's a little too late now. Maybe if they got my resume they would have interviewed me too. The recruiter told me that I probably would have gotten the job too, if it was any consolation. Um, no, fucker, it's NOT!

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