Thursday, October 7, 2010

Roommates Suck

Ok, not all the time, but I'm super pissed off today so I got to get it out.

Yesterday was knit night (yay!) but it was also the first Reds playoff game. So the boys decided to meet up at Hooters on the river to get some wings and watch the game. When I showed up at home at 9:30ish only one of them was home. My brother showed up about a half hour later with two friends in tow. However, he was also trying to get a couple of girls to come with and party back at the house.

Not ok. It's Wednesday night. I have to go to work Thursday. The other A was also sick, so not like he needed to stay up late either.

So about 11 or so I went to bed. After a few shut up requests via text message the noise on the front porch died down enough for me to fall asleep. About 2 or so I woke up needing to pee. The lights were still on downstairs and I could hear some talking, so I just turned off the hall light on my way back to bed. When I woke up at 7 I could see the lights were still on.

So I get ready, come downstairs, and one of my brother's friends is sleeping on the couch. Fine, rather him do that than drive drunk. However, my front door is standing WIDE open and every single light on the first floor, including the two outside lights (one in the backyard which I don't even think they used) was on. I venture into the kitchen to grab my lunch and it's a train wreck. The burners on my stove have been moved, there's an empty take out container on the stove, half a slice of pizza on the floor, crushed peanut shells and what looks like a brownie on the counter, a sample pack of coffee on the floor, along with various other assorted food item sprinkles and the kitty fountain is moved from its normal location. I can't help it, I cleaned most of this stuff up. I can't just leave my kitchen looking like a train wreck.

So then I go to leave. The handle of Jameson's my brother bought last week is sitting on the front porch, empty, along with a handle of Captain's and a bottle of gin. Glasses are all over the front porch, there's a can of dip on the steps, and 2 or 3 of (MY!!!!) empty Yuenglings, which I had to import from TENNESSEE.

It's like a Saturday night party happened on a Wednesday. Seriously, I'm too old for this shit. Is it overreacting to not want to let my brother's friend back over? Oh yeah, I was informed there will also be a party at my house Friday night. With the way my house looked today after a Wednesday night party I shudder to think what the aftermath of a Friday night party would be. Especially one I'm not planning on attending. Not to mention, it's my house, they just live there and I should at least be ASKED if there's going to be a party going on.

I also told them the toilet had to be fixed before they could have people over. They plan to fix it with duct tape. That is NOT fixing it. I also wanted to get my front porch steps fixed soon and the grass cut. Too bad they are so busy this weekend watching football to be bothered to do a damn thing.

Ask me if either one of them have paid rent yet this month.

If I come home Sunday to my house looking anything like it did this morning, I think they will be looking for a new place to live. I'm too old to be putting up with this shit.

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