Tuesday, October 26, 2010

There’s Knitting This Time

So yesterday could be only described in one way – I had a case of the Mondays. I was late for work, and I just started feeling very underappreciated with all I do and with all people just expect me to do and never seem to acknowledge. I wasn't very busy at work so it started festering and before I knew it, I was at Target on my lunch hour looking for a little retail therapy. I decided I need new jeans, because despite having probably 20 pairs hanging in my closet, I only wear 2 or 3 pairs and only one of those is year round work-appropriate. The others are fitted for high heels, and since for some reason they don't make stiletto steel toes (YET) I can't really wear those to work. So since I only have one pair of jeans (tut tut tut we're not talking about the other ones I keep because I might wear them again someday) I needed jeans. So I grabbed a stack of 5-6 pairs in my normal size, along with an adorable dress on clearance for half off, and hit the fitting room.

Well, I bet you can guess what happened. Since I was having a case of the Mondays, not a single pair fit. Should have tried those damn jeans on Tuesday instead!!! Oh, and the dress, it was cute but a not so flattering on me. Damn. So I said to myself, whatever, it's not the number on the tag it's the way they fit, and I bought two pairs in a size larger, and they do fit. Doesn't make me any happier though.

So then I go to pay. I applied for one of those Target cards over the weekend because I spend so much damn money at Target I might as well get my 5% back right? Well, I didn't have my info on the card and they couldn't look it up so I couldn't use it and get my 5% back on my jeans. Which with all the other stuff I bought came to $3.50! Damn.

I go out to my car, and as I head up to my driver's side door what do I see? A shopping cart firmly nestled right up next to my damn door. This had to have been my breaking point. I dropped every obscenity I (and probably anyone) has ever heard before. I mean, what kind of fucking piece of trash lets their cart hit another car when there's a cart return 10 feet away? My hands were full, and I had a full case of pop as well, so I couldn't even negotiate the fucking craptastic cart away so I could get in the door. I had to open up the back doors, put my stuff inside, and then move the cart before I could get in. And to answer your questions, yes, there were other people in the parking lot that witnessed my breakdown. They all gave my very weird apprehensive looks before being very sure to return their carts to the cart return. At least I had an impact on someone.

So I let the boy know I was having a bad day. He asked what he could do to help which made me feel a little better right away. Then after I left work I got a weird phone call.

Ring Ring


(woman on the line. This is important later) Hello, I'm calling from Sports Illustrated and I would like to sell you a magazine subscription.

Excuse me? (with disdain in my voice. I'm on the DNC list, how DARE they call my cell to sell me shit. I don't recognize the name of the magazine at first so I think this is a scam anyway)

Hello, I'm calling from Sports Illustrated and I would like to sell you a magazine subscription. Actually, you sound pretty cute so I'm going to give you a free trial subscription, what do you think about that?

(Trying to analyze again whether it's a male or a female calling, but shocked and appalled at the same time) I think I'm not interested *click*

I shoot a text to the boy saying "OMG! It just got worse!" I immediately get a phone call from him at work. I tell him about the phone call I just got. He just says "you just hung up on them?" I'm like, yeah, of course I just hung up on them! WTF did you think I was going to do! Then he confessed he put my number into a prank call website because he thought it would cheer me up.


Anyway, in order to cheer myself up (at least I know how!) I went to this wonderful little produce market called Pipkins. A couple of weeks ago I picked up some $20 certificates on Groupon and I figured a pumpkin from Pipkins was exactly what I needed! Since I was there I decided a rerun of last week's Sweet Potato and Black Bean salad was in order. This time I threw in some raw chopped jicama since the ones they had weren't excessively huge (actually, nothing there was. Where does Kroger get their jumbo sized produce anyway?) The jicama was just the ticket, added an extra little bit of crunch to the salad and complimented the flavors nicely.

I promised some knitting content so here goes. I got my first order from a new online yarn place I found, Mr Yarn, and it is exactly what I wanted! Their prices are fabulous and shipping was super fast, I ordered Friday and had my yarn in hand Monday, and the prices are roughly what you'd pay at Webs if you spend enough to get the 25% discount, but shipping is a flat $5 anywhere in the US. Only caveat is that they only stock Malabrigo but I think I can live with that J I got some worsted to make a hat and cowl for when I'm freezing my bum off on the floor in two weeks during our union strike (it's not confirmed yet but I'm kind of counting on it) and I got some sock in red that I have no idea what I'm going to do with, but I'm sure I'll figure it out.

I also blocked my Featherweight Cardigan last night. I'm kind of iffy on how it's coming out though. I had to do a sewn bind-off because of the loose gauge of lace on 6's which I think came out a little sloppy. I also have some laddering on the sleeves due to the same issue. We'll have to see when I release it tonight how much I like it in the end though.

I finished my Glorious Cabled Mitts last night and got all the ends woven in this morning! Now I just need to block them and I'll be all done! Yay! I made a few mods, like making the cuff shorter and the fingers longer, which I'll go through when I post them as FO's.



Cast-on has also commenced for Aundrey in Unst which I'm making in Silky Wool in Faded Purple. Only 4 rounds in but I love it so far! I did have a brain fart moment already though. I put it down midrow (239 is a lot of stitches!) and somehow managed to twist it when I started back up. Luckily I figured it out before I got to far though.

Now I'm off to enjoy some Baked Potato Soup I made over the weekend on this icky grey rainy day!

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