Tuesday, October 19, 2010

So Freaking Late

So I woke up this morning at 7:52. Now many people usually get up at 7:52, but not me. My first alarm goes off at 6:15 and I hit snooze every 5 minutes until 6:30. I get an extra 5 minutes if I'm not planning on washing my hair. I usually am out the door by 7:05, 7:10 at the latest. Ok, who am I kidding, but I am always out the door by 7:20. Luckily given my ability to speed through getting ready for the day, honed from years of "5 minutes in the locker room or the bus is going to leave without you" I was out the door by 8:05. 13 minutes might be my new record.

Of course, I was about thisclose to being even later when some old ass crone in a shiny Jag cut across 3 lanes of traffic and slammed on the brakes in front of me to make her exit. I gave her the one finger salute, nach, but seriously, this is the thing that pisses me off more than anything. People do it all the freaking time too – they slam on their brakes and stop on the highway or put their car in reverse or something similarly utterly stupid to make their turn/exit/whatever. This is a public service announcement. STOP! If you find yourself going the wrong way, and you can't go the way you need to, find a safe place to TURN AROUND and go back. It's not rocket surgery here people. Don't F up traffic for the rest of us because you don't know where you're going/aren't paying attention. Of course I could go on all day about the stupid things people do in their cars but I'll save my other topics for another day.

Let me tell you about dinner last night. It was delicious. It was so delicious, in fact, that although I had the best intentions in the world of taking so pictures and showing it off, all I had were empty plates by the time I remembered about my camera. So you're going to have to deal with a stock picture I swiped off Martha's website instead.

Mine looked a lot like that, only less brown on the meat and more green in the salad. Oh, and I don't use serving dishes at the house, not unless we sit down to dinner and really, most dinners are served in the kitchen and eaten in front of the TV.

But I bet you're dying to know what that is…. It's Roasted Pork Loin with Black Bean and Sweet Potato Salad. It's also the recipe that will completely CHANGE the way you feel about sweet potatoes. I asked both the boys how they felt about sweet potatoes before making this recipe. One grunted and shrugged and the other said ew. I remember eating sweet potatoes as a kid. My mom would bake them and I would have to drown them in salt and butter in order to get them in my stomach. Not these sweet potatoes. I want to make this salad and keep it in the refrigerator and munch on it all day long. Don't get me wrong, the pork was delicious too. Martha claims you'll have enough left over for sandwiches the next day, and I do, but I actually swiped 4 slices of pork and hid it in the fridge before I let the boys eat (muhahaha). Of course, I think my pork loin might have been a little smaller than called for- I bought mine in a 4 pack from Costco so I have no idea how much each individual loin weighed (4 pork loins for $12? Seriously Costco, I love you). But anyway, about the salad. Delicious. And it couldn't be easier. Even if you don't like or want to make pork loin (though I think you could definitely make this with pork tenderloin as well) MAKE THE SALAD. Now. Don't skip the fresh cilantro either (well, unless you hate cilantro. Then I'd suggest learning to love it J). The boys must have had their minds changed too, considering they both went back for seconds of the salad. One said, it tastes like something you'd get at Chipotle. And it does. It's fresh and a little tart and a little spicy and just plain out yummy.

I have been knitting as well, but I don't have any pictures to share, though I hope to by the weekend. I'd heading into the homestretch on my Featherweight Cardigan done in two shades of Cascade Alpaca Lace, 1405 (ecru) and 1411 (turtle). I'm finished with the ecru and it only took one skein of that, so I have a whole other skein of that to play with, and I think I might have to overdye it, just for fun.

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